This is the rule page for the Katamari Wiki chat. This will also apply to our Discord server coming soon.

  1. No harassement against other users or other wiki users, chats and Discord servers. This will result in a 1 day ban, continue this behavior and you will be permanently banned.
  2. No sexual, gore, or any NSFW content being linked. This will result in a 5 day ban, continue and you will permanently be banned.
  3. Racism and discrimination against groups and other users will not be tolerated and you will be permanently banned.
  4. Starting flamewars, political debates, and arguments with other users, or generally being rude with users, admins, content moderators, and chat mods, is not tolerated and will give you a 10 day ban. Continue this and you will be banned permanently.
  5. You can talk about general things that aren't Katamari, more so in the Discord, but keep most of the chat about Katamari and things related to it.
  6. Keep cursing at a minimal, Katamari is rated E for everyone after all.

Hope you enjoy your time on the Katamari Wiki chat!

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