The cloud planet is a planet in We Love Katamari. It is made by talking to a girl in a raincoat. The girl wishes that someone would roll up the storm clouds so that she can go on her field trip to Mt.Fuji. There are many types of clouds in this stage, including clouds that look like rollable items from other stages.

Once the level is created it looks like a cloud surrounded by a rainbow ring. The raincoat girl remarks that she wants to go there for her next field trip. The King states that the level looks delicious, and gets the raincoat girl to agree with him. The raincoat girl thinks it would make a good snack for her field trip, but remembers she had already packed a sandwich. The description says it is made of the storm clouds that children hate but that the rainbow ring that surrounds the planet makes it a little more popular.

Trivia Edit

  • In this stage the cousins have wings and halos - making this level seem a little more 'heaven-like'.