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The Cosmos, also commonly known as Space, is where all of the stars and planets exist. Whenever a stage is completed, The King of All Cosmos judges the Katamari, and if it passes, is either turned into a celestia

l body or broken into stardust. Celestial bodies can be stars, planets, Shooting Stars, or other objects in space. It is also, quite obviously, the realm over which the King is king of.

As seen in Touch My Katamari, the Cosmos is referred to the place in which the Royal Family resides, it's shown as a paradise Garden of Eden type place where animals of various sizes and all kinds of plants reside in peace, the Mushroom Castle is shown to be located here as well and the Solar System minus the Earth (since it's being used as a katamari). Most importantly, There is an area of the Cosmos that resembles the intro of Katamari Damacy and a area where The King sits on his heart chair like in We ♥ Katamari, there are also children from all over the world that stand in The King's greatness in the last area of the Cosmos.

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