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The first cousins.

First Cousins (Usually known simply as just "Cousins") are the cousins that were introduced in the first game,  Katamari Damacy. They are very simple compared

to the new cousins in the following games. There are 23 first cousins, 24 counting The Prince.

First Cousins


Out of any cousins, the ones in Katamari Damacy have changed the

most. They're designs were updated in We ♥ Katamari. The changes are:
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The original designs.

  • Foomin's antenna bulges are shorter.
  • Fujio lacks a mustache.
  • Kuro has only one antenna
  • Marcy is not multicolored and is instead just two shades of purple.
  • Jungle has a camo pattern.
  • Nik's horns are different, and he is a bit slimmer.
  • Odeko has a shorter head.
  • Shikao's face is on one of the flat sides of his head, and it's overall shape is rotated 90 degrees.
  • Honey has shorter head sides, with only one bulge on each side.
  • Marny is overall thinner.
  • Velvet has no legs.
  • Nickel has a hollow head, a different head design, and normal hands and feet.
  • Ace has a normal butt, not a spiky one, and he is a bit shorter.
  • Opeo has bandages completely covering his body (except his face). He also has a hole in his torso.
  • Colombo is slightly see-through, if you look close enough.
  • Ichigo has a normal butt, and is a bit slimmer.
  • Lalala has a lighter skin tone.
  • Havana has a different color not quite fully to the sides of his head.
  • Johnson has a shorter face.
  • Miso does not contain soup.
  • Dipp has dots instead of stars, and lime green pants. The pants are kept in some games after.
  • Peso's head is round, not teardrop shaped.
  • June has her arms and legs covered, instead of bare.

    The cousins is Katamari Damacy Reroll. Strangely, instead of using just the new or old designs, it uses a sort of amalgamation, like how Shikao has his modern design, but Ace has his original design.

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