Dr. Katamari is a fan from We ♥ Katamari. He is an orangey-brown cat, and has a strange secret.

Dr.Katamari's level objective is to roll up as many friends as possible (zoo animals, or people in animal costumes). The Fast as possible stage has you collect 100 friends or animals in the shortest amount of time. The Large as possible stage has you to collect as many friends or animals as possible, with 300 being the most amount of friends or animals. You start out as 80cm for both stages with the same green flowery katamari.

Dr. Katamari's secret Edit

After you beat the level where you have to avoid the king chasing you with the sun, you can look in your Collection under the Fans category and it will say that Dr. Katamari invented the Katamari!


  • It is thought that Keita Takahashi's alter-ego in the game is Dr. Katamari, hence the reason for his invention of the katamari.


  • Despite looking like a cat and meowing like a cat when picked up in the end credits, when he asks for friends, he occasionally will say "Woof". This may be a joke, though!