Eternal Mode is a mode that you can play without any time limit. Eternal Mode can be unlocked when meeting and completing special requirements. Eternal Mode can be used for item completion and various of ways that diameter can be increased. Strangely, eternal mode disappears at We Love Katamari, and returns at Me & My Katamari through Katamari Forever

Katamari DamacyEdit

Three eternal modes can be unlocked on three Make a Star levels. Eternal 1:

  • Unlocked: Unlocked when reaching 1.3 meters in Make a Star 4


Eternal 2:

  • Unlocked: Unlocked when reaching 25 meters in Make a Star 8


Eternal 3:

  • Unlocked: Unlocked when reaching 800 meters in Make the Moon


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Me & My Katamari-Katamari Forever EternalsEdit

Unlike the first game, eternals can be unlocked when the King or animals requests what kind of genre they want. In Me & My Katamari, the player must have 80 points or higher to to unlock eternal mode. In Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever, both games must have 100 points or higher to unlock eternal mode.

Me & My KatamariEdit

All of the requests contain eternal mode. Volcano Island requests do not have any eternals.

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Beautiful KatamariEdit

Surprisingly, all of the levels contain eternal mode. Get eternal mode by getting 100 or 120 points in each level.

Katamari ForeverEdit

In Katamari Forever, most stages in the RoboKing's Universe contain eternal modes. However, only a few are available in the King's Universe.

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Touch my KatamariEdit

All levels can be played in eternal mode after completing the game and purchasing Eternal Mode using candies from the mode vender.