Fast as Possible is a game mode introduced in We ♥ Katamari. In Fast as Possible, the player must roll up a Katamari as quickly as he or she can. While a stage may take place in the same location in both Large as Possible and Fast as Possible, the layout of the level and the starting size of the Katamari can be vastly different, as well as the size goal of the stage. For example, Fast as Possible 5 in We ♥ Katamari has a size goal of 500 meters, while Fast as Possible has a goal of 1000 meters.

Unlike Large as Possible, Fast as Possible ends once the Katamari has reached its goal size. Regardless of the size of the last item collected, once the Katamari has reached or exceeded this goal, it will always be the goal size when lauched into the Cosmos. Most Fast as Possible levels need a 30 second completion time in order to get a Super Clear for the level, while the Meteor for that stage will be rewarded at a much slower speed, usually the minimum for the Great Clear.