Hans is a cousin who has a head that looks like a rice bowl. Unlike some cousins, his face is on the top of his head. He first appeared in Me & My Katamari.


Me & My KatamariEdit

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Where/How to Find: Corn State - Crossing the long bridge

Size: 150 Meters

Description: Has the perfect body for lying around and watching TV. He is always tripping over things.

When Rolled Up: "Hmm... We feel something cozy. It's The rookie Hans! Contemplating the Cosmos?"

Beautiful KatamariEdit

Where/How to Find: Munchies Manor DLC - By a wall in the entrance to the shop, where a sumo is blocking the door



Cousin Leaderboard Description:

When Rolled Up: "Hm? Something fragrant... It's Hans! We asked you to go dance for the queen!"

After Clearing Stage: "A whiff of fragrance... Ohisashiburi, Hans. Get yourself to the kodo session in the Princedom."

Katamari ForeverEdit

Where/How to Find: Make a Star 2: Calories - In the small room that houses the entrance to the shop. Turn right and he should be on three packages of rice.

Size: We are unsure...


When Rolled Up: "That thing you rolled up was staring at the sky. PROCESSING... Oh! It's Hans! What's with that head? Doesn't that hurt?"