A Lego model of the Red Jumboman.

Jumboman is a crime-fighting superhero from the Sunflower Continent. He is a very large human with super strength and flight. He is actually one of a large family of heroes, all of whom call themselves "Jumboman" or some variation.

Jumboman was introduced in the first Katamari Damacy and has become one of its more recognizable characters. He appears in all games of the series, and even shows up in the intro for We ♥ Katamari and Me & My Katamari.


  • Jumboman - The original. He wears a red outfit similar to a Power Ranger, with horns on the sides & the number 1 on the back of his helmet. He is the oldest out of the three Jumbo Brothers. Also known as "Fly, Jumboman!" as he flies around.
  • Fight, Jumboman! - A yellow Jumboman with the number 2 on the back of his helmet. He is the half-brother of Jumboman #1. He is often holding and/or swinging Mecha Mogran, a Neck Monster or a Mogera by the tail.
  • Marine Jumboman - A gigantic blue Jumboman from the seawith the number 3 on the back of his helmet. He is the brother-in-law of Jumboman and Fight, Jumboman! He can often be found in the ocean, patrolling the coasts of the Sunshine Continent. He sometimes rises from and sinks into the sea.
  • Jumbo Papa - The father of all Jumbomen (Jumbomans?). He is huge, purple, and has a more distinct mustache than the smaller Jumbomen.
  • Jumboman is a parody of the Japanese hero Ultraman

    The Jumbomen in the Beautiful Katamari intro