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The Katamari series is a video game series produced by Namco. It consists of 6 main games and a few spin-offs. The main series is made up of Katamari Damacy and its sequels. The spin-off series is made up of Katamari Damacy Mobile and two flash-based games on the official website.

Main SeriesEdit

All games in the main series consist of The King of All Cosmos sending his son, the Prince, to Earth to roll a magical ball known as a Katamari around, picking up items and people to create material for a star. Once enough objects have been collected, the goal is beaten and the player is rewarded with the star or planet created by that Katamari. The series is almost universally praised for its unique Gameplay and quirky story telling.

Katamari DamacyEdit

Introduced the concept of the Katamari, the King, and the Prince. While many of the games in the series refined the ideas introduced in Katamari Damacy, many consider it the most innovative.

We ♥ KatamariEdit

Added a greater variety of Cousins and levels, and introduced rolling different objects other than a Katamari, (i.e. a snowball, a sumo wrestler). And also the the first game where the cousins are playable characters in 1 player mode.

Me & My KatamariEdit

The first game in the series to be released on the PSP and to not have any involvement from Keita Takahashi, the original inventor of the concept of Katamari Damacy.

Beautiful KatamariEdit

The first game to not be released by Sony. After some technical issues with the PS3, Beautiful Katamari was instead ported to the Xbox 360, ending the effective PlayStation exclusive status of the series.

Katamari ForeverEdit

Released for the PS3 in 2009, this title includes versions of the classic levels and series of new levels hosted by a new character, the RoboKing.

Touch My KatamariEdit

The first game to be released on the PlayStation Vita. Also the latest entry in the series.

Katamari Damacy REROLL Edit

Reroll is a remaster of the original game Katamari Damacy.It was revealed on the Nintendo Direct of September of 2018 for a release date of 12/7/2018. The remake is very similar to the original game, with no new content added and the changes being the updated graphics and the motion controls on the Nintendo Switch version.


Spin-offs of the series include non-console video games and games featuring Katamari characters but are not Katamari games themselves.

iOS Games Edit

i Love Katamari Edit

Uses already existing levels from other games with Katamari Damacy's soundtrack.

Katamari Amore Edit

A free game with level packs available. Edit

Leaderboard services and the downloadable levels for Katamari Amore were terminated as of March 30th, 2015.

Tap My Katamari Edit

An idle game where the player taps the screen to roll a katamari; every once in a while an object will appear for the katamari to roll up.

Katamari Damacy MobileEdit

Effectively a port of the original game to the P409i cell phone, which uses the motion sensitive controls of the phone to move the Katamari. There is also a traditional control scheme that uses the phone's buttons instead.

Website GamesEdit

Games on the Katamari website include:

8-Bit Katamari Damacy Edit

Effectively an 8-Bit version of the game, a random cousin (one of 48, from Katamari Damacy to Me & My Katamari) is selected. The game is played by moving the King around a field to guide the cousin into rolling up items. Multiple cousins may also be played as at one time.

Beautiful Katamari Memory game Edit

A card game that uses the Cousins and Royal Family. Beating the game rewards the player with a deck of Beautiful Katamari playing cards, which are then printed and cut out from card stock. The King, Queen, and Prince are won when only one of their cards is found, while the cousins must all have matching pairs found before they are added to the player's found list. There is a glitch where the last clicked cousin will show up in the Characters page even if both cards haven't been found together.

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