Keita Takahashi is a video game programmer and designer. He
200px-Keita Takahashi - 2005
has worked for Namco as a programmer since Dynasty Warriors 5, up until his introduction of Katamari Damacy. After presenting the game to Namco, the company thought it might be too quirky and initially did not want to release it outside of Japan. However, at Takahashi's insistence (as well as petition from gamers worldwide), it was released internationally and became a hit abroad more than in Japan.

Keita has recently announced an indefinite leave of absence from Namco, having before stated he would like to design playgrounds for a change, to get children to go outside rather than sit indoors playing video games. He was able to finish his designs, and the playground is currently in development in England.

However, Takahashi did return to Namco with a new game concept, called Nobi Nobi Boy, a Playstation 3 Exclusive video game released via Playstation Network on February 19, 2009.

In 2014, a teaser trailer for his newest game, Wattam, was released. It is supposedly set to release for the PS4 and PC in 2019.

Published Works

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