惑星を作ろう!みんなの塊魂 -- probably unofficial katamari runner

惑星を作ろう!みんなの塊魂 -- probably unofficial katamari runner

Let's Make a Planet! Everyone's Katamari Damacy (惑星を作ろう!みんなの塊魂) Is an unofficial endless runner (similar to Amazing Katamari Damacy) created by Char Room only available in Japan.


You play as the Prince rolling the Katamari and you need to tap the left and right arrows to move. There are coins and rubies to collect. You can use coins to upgrade the growth of the Katamari per object and increase the time limit. You can also spend coins on cousins! When the timer is up the King of all Cosmos appears to be sleeping with a 5-second timer and you can tap the continue button to gain an extra 20 seconds. Once the level is over you talk to the king and earn some coins (you can double the coins by watching an ad) then exit the level. If you succeed, the king tosses the Katamari into the sky and creates a planet. If you fail, the king turns the Katamari into stardust and it's Game Over.


  • Mercury: 10cm
  • Mars: 35cm
  • Venus: 45cm
  • Saturn: 80cm
  • Neptune: 1m 50cm
  • Uranus: 2m 50cm
  • Jupiter: 3m 50cm
  • The Sun: Beat your high score


Let's make the Planet Everyone's Katamari
The King of all Cosmos did it again!

The drunk King of all Cosmos destroyed all the planets in the Cosmos.
You, his son, have to roll a katamari on the only safe Earth and create a planet.

Roll a big katamari with a small body and do your best.
The story of such a prince.

  • The goal

Roll a katamari and get the required size specified by the king in time.

  • Controls

Easy to operate! Tap the arrow key and the Prince rolls the katamari in that direction.
Things that are moving ...
Stuff not moving ... can not be involved
Attacking enemies such as mice, cats, dogs, people, and even boulders, bounced away and broken up


If you collect 5 rubies you can dash and repel the enemy.

  • Bowling

Once you have enough coins you can bowl a cousin for 200 coins or 5 cousins for 1000 coins. If you collected a cousin that you already have, you will get back 150 coins.

  • Cousins

If you tap the Space Mushroom, you can meet the cousins!
Collect lots of cousins who we met because they can roll the Katamari.


Song Translation Artist Length
心のツバサ Wings of a Heart DOVA SYNDROME 5:10
一年に一度のいちごふぇすていはる Once a year strawberry festival Losstime Life 2:08
角刈りのうた Crew-cutting Song DOVA-SYNDROME 1:50
Life is a Party Life is a Party DOVA-SYNDROME 1:32
タイフーンパレード Typhoon Parade Losstime Life/DOVA-SYNDROME 1:40
Don't be afraid!! Don't be afraid!! DOVA-SYNDROME 3:37
To the next step To the next step DOVA-SYNDROME 2:26
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