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Kushima City Hiyodori Academy

Kushima City Hiyodori Academy is a school that The King sends The Prince to roll katamaris as a request given by a fan. It is the main school that is featured in We ♥ Katamari, and it reappears in Katamari Forever as well. The school is known for having a diverse number of students in different grades, for instance there'll be kids in elementary school, middle schoolers and high schoolers all in the same building. It was also shown that this is the school that Michiru and Mutsuo both attend, it is close to the condo where they live in the town.

The School is located in Bulbul Dock.

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Scorching Savanna High School Performance

Scorching Savanna High School Performance

Katamari Forever - Scorching Savanna High School Performance

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