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The Sunflower Continent is where the Katamari games take place. The Prince is sent here to collect items by his father, The King of All Cosmos. The continent is composed of several cities and countries, and has several islands surrounding it offshore. Many people, animals, and unusual objects inhabit the Sunflower Continent, including mythical and magical creatures.

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We Love Katamari Soundtrack - Everlasting Love (Song 6)

We Love Katamari Soundtrack - Everlasting Love (Song 6)

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Hey everyone, a brand new logo has been made for the wiki! It's minimal, something The King wouldn't particularly like, but it fits with the new look of REROLL. Hope you like! In other news, the Wiki chat has been removed, since we'll be migrating to Discord some time soon-ish. Not many people use traditional chats anymore like the Wikia chat or Skype, Discord is the new thing.
Polls and other things will also be added to the wiki to make users have more reason to contribute.

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