This is the article about the reward for rolling quickly. For the space object, see Meteor (bonus)

Meteors are rewarded for finishing a Katamari quickly enough during a Large as Possible or Fast as Possible stage in most games in the Katamari series. Meteors are shooting stars that can be controlled with the buttons of the controller while viewing your stars in the Cosmos.

Meteors were introduced in Katamari Damacy and have carried over into its sequels. In Beautiful Katamari, a Comet was the regular reward for one stage. They have, however, been called shooting stars at times in-game, which is a more accurate description.

In Large as Possible levels, a Katamari must be completes in less than half of the given time limit (EXCEPTION: in Make A Planet 5 of We Love Katamari, anytime with 7 minutes or higher remaining time would produce a comet). In Fast as Possible, it is usually a very short time, around 30 seconds, except on exceptionally large levels. If a previous time is beaten, a new Meteor will smash and replace the old one, producing stardust and setting a new record. In space levels, Meteors can be rolled up along with other celestial bodies, including stars, planets, and constellations.

In Katamari Damacy and We ♥ Katamari, there are 10 meteors attainable in both games.

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