Cousin Mojo is a buff given to your Cousins as you level them up in Tap My Katamari, eventually reaching 8 Mojos at level 2000. It is a representation of your Cousin's personality, though they can be persuaded to change with 5 Candy.

Mojos are obtained at levels 10, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 2000.

Types of Mojo

  • Powerful: Increase this Cousin's PPS by 50% to 800%.​
  • Helpful:​ Increase Power and PPS between 5%~35%​
  • ​Energetic:​ Increase Tap Power between 0.5%~8% of PPS​
  • ​Magical:​ Increase Tap Power between 3%~30%.​
  • ​Brave:​ Increase Tap Power during challenges between 8%~40%​
  • ​Smart:​ Receive between 5%~35% more Coins from objects​
  • ​Regal:​ Increase the King's Treasure by 8%~40%​
  • ​Sneaky:​ Increase Critical Chance between 0.2%~2%​
  • Lucky: Increase Critical Multiplier between 5%~35%​

Official Mojo Builds

  • Tapper Build - Players who enjoy tapping should try and level up cousins that are Energetic. Helpful and Magical are also useful Mojos to pick up but won't be as valuable as Energetic as you get into the higher stages. Brave, Sneaky, and Lucky are strong compliments to this build as critical taps can make a significant difference during Time Attack Challenges.
  • AFK Build - Players who enjoy passive play should focus more on ways to accumulate coins while they're not playing. The best way is to focus on leveling Cousins that have Powerful, Helpful, and Smart Mojos. The goal here is to maximize the amount of gold earned overnight.
  • Candy Build - Players who want to get a lot of Candy for free should focus on Cousins with the Regal Mojo. As the King can reward the player with either 1 or 5 Candy, having even just 5 cousins with 40% Regal will improve the Candy payout by 200% (or 3 Candy and 15 Candy respectively). With a little luck and enough King Treasures, the player can net over 100 Candy very easily with this method, allowing them to invest in Special Cousins as well.
  • Star Token Build - Once a player has enough Presents by making a Star, they'll be able to reach stage 90 in a matter of minutes. In order to have many objects at the screen at once, the player must be able to 1-tap-collect any object, even during the Time Attack Challenge. With a focus on critical taps, the player can achieve this quite easily. If paired with the right presents, Sneaky and Lucky can help the player hit a critical tap on almost every hit, which will go a long way in the higher Stages.
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