Paula is the second youngest of the cousins, and she was formerly known as number one youngest of the cousins, being three and a half years old, until Pu came along. Now that title belongs to the baby cousin. She was first introduced in Me & My Katamari as a Rookie. Paula looks like a pink flower with a really tall body. It was said that her parents are deucillionares 


Me & My KatamariEdit

Where/How to Find: Wheat State - Near Queen Natasha. (a giant penguin)

Size: ???


When Rolled Up: "Hmm. We feel something well-bred. It's that rookie Paula. Blooming already?

Where/How to Find: Lady Luck Casino - Walking near the center pool outside.

Beautiful Katamari Edit

Size: ~20cm, so you can get outside into the garden.


Cousin Leaderboard Description:

When Rolled Up: "Hm? Something dignified... It's Paula! Didn't We ask you to be Our ambassador?"

Katamari ForeverEdit

Where/How to Find: Make a Galaxy - Same as Beautiful Katamari

Size: 20 cm


When Rolled Up: "Oh! You just rolled up something sweet! Oh! It's Paula!! How disturbing....