The Prince's Planet is a planet in the Katamari Damacy game series. It is owned by The Prince. It's The Prince's Home.There are areas where The Prince can view his collection, control sound and vibration, save the game and activate presents. This planet is a example of The Prince's independence, because he lives in his own planet and not in the Royal Family's Castle. According to We ♥ Katamari information, It is a very private planet. It's so private it fits into the homes category in the collection. In Katamari Damacy it is reffered to as the Home Planet. It is also very small as The Prince can walk around the entire planet in just a few small seconds.

  • The Planet Appears in We ♥ Katamari. In the intro Video and in the Credits Level, when The Prince avoids The King and his Sun Katamari, The Prince arrives to his planet, just to be rolled by The King anyway.
  • The Planet Appears in Beautiful Katamari, in the Ending Minigame.
  • The Prince and his planet may be a reference to the book The Little Prince.