In Me & My Katamari, the Prince is given his own island, in which he is able to name it whatever he wants. Several animals will live there after their requests have been taken care of. It is similar to the Select Meadow, in which it holds fans and game options.

Features Edit

  • a slingshot (for launching into a level)
  • a ferris wheel (for viewing the collection)
  • a treasure chest (for changing into your collected presents)

Prince island kids map

A Japanese drawing of the island in the form of a kid's map.

  • seashells (for watching movies and listening to songs)
  • network records and network table (for online functions)
  • boat (for sailing off to Volcano Island and Beanstalk Island
  • network raft (for traveling to another player's PSP via Wi-Fi)
  • signpost (for changing the island's name)
  • pool (for saving and loading data)
  • ukulele (for sound options)
  • ranking board (viewing the score rankings on your saved data)
  • photo album (for viewing pictures you took with your camera)
  • hot air balloon (for viewing islands that you made from rolling the katamari)
  • beanstalk island (for switching to diferent cousins)
  • volcano island (for "special request" levels)