Royal Warp Is a secret that is in all the katamari games (in Katamari Forever levels where the RoboKing is hosting, it is called the robo warp). It occurs when the player goes outside the game boundaries, such as when your Katamari is pushed outside the playable game area by a moving object (such as a car), or pushed out of the level when playing in multi-player, or in the rarest case, finding an area where your character, simply falls through. Usually when the character falls through the ground, it will keep falling until it respawns back in the game world. However,there have been cases where the Katamari found it self rolling on the air. When you are spawned back into the playable level, the King Will explain what happened was a Royal Warp, and he will apologize to you about how "embarrassing" it is to have you fall through the floor, and the game will continue normally.


- In Make a Star 5 in Katamari Damacy, there is a warp under the neck of the giraffe slide. Wait until you are slightly too large to pass under the neck of the slide, then try to push your katamari through. You will fall through the floor and the King will warp you to safety! You can try to get a bump from the little green elephant-shaped watering cans that walk through this area, but you can do it easily on your own.

- In We Love Katamari's Firefly stage, there's tunnel you can access from the waterfall. Inside there's a crocodile hiding in the bushes. Try to climb him. If you do it right...ta-da! You fell trough the level! (Tip: try to be 1.5m when attempting this)

-In Me and My Katamari's Sakura Town (over 75cm), At  the farthest wall behind the hill, there are food stands. At 3m go behind those against the wall and try to dash a lot. If you do it right, you will be outside Sakura Town and on a small invisible platform, roll forward and you fall through!

-(Do this on Turtle Eternal!!!) Again in MMK but this time in Joshumua Villa. There's a cat with a mask in the corridor. He is going to be your "tool" this time. Build up your Size to 20-25cm and go to the door against the shorter wall from the room with the two guys in it. The cat has to push you through the door and the wall in order for this one to work. It can be difficult so be patient!