Select Meadow

The Select meadow, with Ace and various fans.

The Select Meadow is the main hub in We ♥ Katamari. Here The Prince can play levels, change clothing, and switch to another Cousin. At first there's only one fan, but soon there are more and more until the cosmos is filled with planets, stars and satellites. Then The Prince (or cousin) can roll up the sun as requested by the Black Dog. Co-op levels are also in this meadow from the people sitting at the log table, known as the Battle Uncles.

The player also has the opportunity to change the sound and vibration, save the game, view the collection, edit their photo album, or simply quit the game by walking up to a door and exiting the game.

The Cosmos can be viewed by walking into the horizon and flying into the air in the background, up into the cosmos.


The Select Meadow is an entirely green pasture, every section of the meadow is different as for one thing, there will be a water area with the Floatee Boy on a smaller island, or a huge tree in the middle of the screen. The Select Meadow also has a pathway were that goes all the way around the meadow and back o where it starts out.

After finishing the 1,000,000 Rose challenge, all the pink flowers in the meadow will turn into roses.

The background of the meadow changes and is very diverse everytime you enter a different part of the meadow, the horizon will display mountains to desserts to cities.


  • In Katamari Forever, in the level The King's Dream, the background of the stage looks just like the imagry that's displayed on the horizon of the Select Meadow.
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