Ski Resort

The Ski Resort is a place where The King sends The Prince to roll katamaris as a request for a fan. The Ski Resort is featured in We ♥ Katamari and it reappears again in Katamari Forever and Touch My Katamari. The Ski Resort is a place that can people can come and relax and have fun in the snow. People are able to go rent out skis by the rental shop and take a lift to the top of the mountain. People are normally seen going down and also skiing around the resort around a frozen lake.

This is the place where The Prince must make a snowman for a fan. The stage is a Just Right challenge where the head must be a reasonable size to make the perfect snowman.

In Touch My Katamari, the snowman's head has to be exactly 4m.


The Ski Resort has a ski rental shop where people are lined up for chili, there are cabins that are placed out on the lower part of the resort, people are seen having fun in the snow by having snowball fights, sledding or just skiing around. There is a huge ice wall with frozen cavemen and a mammoth. People are seen going up and down in a ski lift. White birches are scattered in the level.

The resort has frozen pine trees all around it, in a mountainous snowy area that's next to an arctic ocean. There are glaciers that float around in the distance and there is usually an aroura seen in the sky.


We ♥ Katamari
  • Snowman
Katamari Forever
  • Snowman

Touch My Katamari

  • Snowman!


  • This is the first and only level where it's possible to grow without rolling any items.
  • There is a patch of cones that keep respawning in We ♥ Katamari.
  • The glaciers in the distance are usually missing textures for Katamari Forever and Touch My Katamari.
  • It's possible to roll up the trees in the level, it's recommended to not roll anything for a while.
  • If idle, the player will begin to shiver.
  • The player's cousin will receive it's own set of skis that are personalized.
  • The cavemen are colored blue in We ♥ Katamari, but not in the other games.
  • There is a beta version of the Ski Resort in Katamari Damacy's files. It is an extremely primitive version of the stage, lacking textures or objects, but it still retains the same layout. This map being in the files suggests two possibilities. It could suggest that the Ski Resort map was planned to appear in Katamari Damacy, or that We Love Katamari was planned even before the first game released, this stage being a test for the Snowman stage of that game. The would explain the amount of simple, test-like geometric shapes in the final version of the level.
    Untitled (22)

    The beta version, hidden in Katamari Damacy's files.

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