Stardust is made by destroying a Katamari. When stardust is made, it scatters into the Cosmos, making it prettier. When enough stardust collects in the Cosmos, it will eventually begin to clump into Shining Stars and Bright Shining Stars. It is the smallest object in the Cosmos during space stages.

Katamari DamacyEdit

Having no stage that takes place in the Cosmos, stardust is purely for visual purposes. It can be seen in the Observatory when the player views their completed stars. Since it can't be collected, it does not form Shining Stars.

We ♥ KatamariEdit

Stardust can now be collected. It is small and barely adds to the size of the Katamari used to Roll up the Sun. However, collecting it can significantly increase the size of the Katamari. As many as 10,000 celestial objects can be collected when Stardust is included.

Beautiful KatamariEdit

Since stardust can't be created at the end of a stage, it instead fills the Cosmos from the beginning, in all three forms. Here, it does have a significant size, with lots of stardust helping reach the 1,500,000 Km Katamari Achievement. The player must have a Katamari that contains at least one other planet or star besides the Earth before stardust is easily rolled up. You have the option to create a star or stardust the 11th time you play a stage.