The Sunflower Continent is where the Katamari games take place. The Prince is sent here to collect items by his father, The King of All Cosmos. The continent is composed of several cities and countries, and has several islands surrounding it offshore. Many people, animals, and unusual objects inhabit the Sunflower Continent, including mythical and magical creatures. Though the Sunflower Continent does not represent any real country or continent on Earth, it has objects and locations based on different countries. Strangely, the Sunflower Continent does not appear in any of the stages where the continents of the planet are clearly visible.



Most games in the series begin inside the Hoshino's house or apartment. Here, the goal for the Katamari is generally small, but can also lead out into the city where the Katamari can get much bigger. Despite the Katamari being present, the family oddly tends not to notice it until it's become large enough to roll them up.


After the house stage, the next location is the town. While normally this starts out as just a fairly small neighborhood, it opens up into the larger part of the city, where more people and things can be rolled up. Depending on the game (and level of the game, for that matter) the city can be inland or on the coast. The city is almost completely collectible, with cars, buildings, and even land formations being rollable.

Other cities and countriesEdit

  • City[1.5m-10m], Land[10m-70m], State[70m-500m], & the whole Sunflower Continent[500m-1500m]

Once a Katamari has become large enough, more of the continent can be explored, including other cities and countries. Oddly, countries resembling China, Japan, Korea, France, and the US are all on the same continent. The central volcanic mountain of the continent is even called Mt. Fuji. Outlaying islands include Ayers Rock and Easter Island. Other islands exist further out to sea, but the Sunflower Continent appears to be the only major land mass in stages that involve it.

In Beautiful Katamari, the Sunflower Continent is located somewhere in an empty stretch of the south Pacific, and is nearly completely rolled-up by the time the player can move to other continents.