The Supergiant is a star in space that can be created in various stages in the Katamari Series. The Supergiant is first created in Beautiful Katamari it can be created in the Schloss Kosmos and is created again in Wake up The King! in Katamari Forever. Creating the supergiant results in plugging or rolling up the Black Hole in the Cosmos.


Supergiant Satellite

The supergiant looks like a white spec in the Cosmos, it radiates a white light and has a rainbow aurora. The satellite for the supergiant is a smaller version of the star, it radiates a yellow light and has a yellow aurora.


Beautiful Katamari

  • This one's plugged up a black hole. Now that's a Katamari worth it's weight.
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Katamari Forever

  • This giant star actually came from a giant katamari that rolled up the King a while back.
  • This planet grew up so fast, it has nothing much on the inside.
  • It’s good to be big.
  • This giant planet has been around for a long, long time. It’s famous for its giant insects.


  • In the collection, the star is shown as just a white speck, and has no rainbow aurora.
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