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The King's 'kokoro' is somewhere in that head. Roll it up to roll him out of the bed of mandrake where he lies...

—The Queen, We ♥ Katamari

The Queen of All Cosmos (Also known as Beautiful Queen of All Cosmos or simply The Queen) is The King of All Cosmos' wife, The Prince's mother, and the daughter-in-law of Papa. She drops cookies for multiplayer winners in We ♥ Katamari. She enjoys baking, yodeling, gardening, and roller skating. Unlike her husband, she does not use the royal we. Her description on the Katamari Damacy website reads "The prince's kind mother. She tends to dream, but there are also places where she is solid. Her favorite food is gratin. She always carries it with her. She is in love and married with the king. Her height: larger than the prince and smaller than the king."


The Queen as a teenager.

The Queen came to be the Queen when she met the King as a teenager. They bumped into each other while the queen rushed to most likely go to school at 8:00 A.M. and the King was wandering around holding a chopped-off part of his pompadour after getting into a fight with a couple of assailants which resulted in one of the assailants chopped a part of his pompadour hair. They collided with one another unexpectedly causing their items to form the shape of a heart after which they looked up at each other's faces and were instantly attracted to the other. They soon dated and fell deeply in love. However, the King's dad, the previous King of All Cosmos, Papa, initially disapproved of their romance, which led the King to get into a fight with him, ending with the King punching his father. Fortunately, the two reconciled, and soon afterward, the Queen was introduced to Papa, who seemed to accept her as the King's girlfriend. Papa spent time with them until he fell ill, suddenly collapsing on the beach, much to his son and the Queen's horrors. One snowy night, the bedridden Papa called over the King and Queen and suddenly passed the crown to the King, much to her amazement. The King became the new and current King of All Cosmos, and they were soon married, in which she became the Queen of All Cosmos, giving birth to the Prince years later. She is seen along with The King, shrunken down in a human hospital.

The Queen is good at baking.

The Queen's voice has a more electronic sound to it in comparison to the King, who speaks rather clearly. This may mean that the Prince sounds more like his mother because he too has a slightly electronic and high pitched sound that isn't clear like the King of all Cosmos'. However, she seems to have a natural voice when she giggles in the Amazing Katamari Damacy intro. On the We ♥ Katamari website, she is heard making a small "Ah" sound as she flips a present in the air while roller skating. Her voice has slight inconsistencies, but it may just change based on her mood. It also seems that Prince may have his mother's face because it resembles hers, however, the King of all Cosmos had a face similar to theirs when he was a child, so it is unclear whether the Prince will grow up to look more like his mother or father. 

It is not clear as to if the Queen knows about how the King punishes their son or not, or what she thinks about it. Regardless, she seems to be very much in love with the King, even if they sometimes argue about petty things like how to fold laundry (as shown in the song "A Song for the King of Kings").


The Queen has had many slight design changes. Most of the time, she is seen wearing a pink top with a scalloped collar and a white skirt, along with white gloves.

The Queen's outfit she wore as a teen consisted on a white sweater underneath a pink vest/tank top. She also wore a white skirt.

In Katamari Damacy, her head is white and has three red dots on each side. She also wears a pearl necklace, and her dress is more lavender than pink.

Lift queen.jpg

In We ♥ Katamari, The Queen receives a prominent design change. Her head now has pink stripes, three pink dots, and pink hearts on each side. In some of the art her skirt only has a pink line on the hem, but in other art the pink line is thinner and has hearts surrounding it. In Chapter 10, The queen's collar has small white flowers on it and her shirt is long sleeved. In Chapter 11, The Queen has a pearl necklace on along with a long sleeved shirt with shoulder puffs. The bottom hem of her dress is wave-shaped. In neither of these cutscenes is The Queen wearing gloves. She wears pink tights in her model.

In Me and My Katamari, The Queen's skirt is purely white. It has no pink hem nor any hearts. In some art, it looks like she is wearing mittens due to lack of detail on her fingers.

She is mentioned to have gotten a summer wardrobe by The King.

In Beautiful Katamari, her skirt returns to the design with a pink hem at the bottom. In a piece of official art, she is wearing light pink shoes. Her gloves have no lace or scallops. She wears no shoes when she is rolled up, only purple tights.

In Katamari Forever, her skirt has a thinner pink line and hearts around it. She is seen wearing a Yukata in the cutscene "Fire in the Hull!". Her gloves are scalloped.

The Queen, possibly wearing lipstick.

In Katamari Damacy Online, The Queen's gloves has lace on them. The Queen's Katamari Damacy Online design is not too different than the rest. However, in a piece of official art she is seen wearing a hanbok.

The Queen is not seen much in Touch My Katamari, but in the last cutscene it appears that she is wearing lipstick.

In Tap My Katamari, her gloves are a little shorter. The shoulder puffs on her dress are rounder and her skirt has no hearts.

In Amazing Katamari Damacy, The Queen is seen wearing hot pink slip-ons. Her skirt has no hearts, but still has a pink hem.


Katamari Damacy

The Queen is not able to be rolled up in this game. However, she is shown in the intro movie and is mentioned by The King from time to time as "Mother".

We ♥ Katamari

The Queen lounging in the King's lap after being rolled up.

An inspirational quote from the Queen.

Where/How to Find: As Large/Fast as Possible 5 - She is wandering around in the water around the islands near the King of All Cosmos. She only appears after you have first rolled up the King at least once and finished the stage.

Size: 2730m

Description: A woman feared by even Us, the King of All Cosmos. She has little trouble coming up with delicious dinner menus these days.

When Rolled Up: "Oh!!! It's Our Queen ♥ Oh!!! She's adorable ♥".

After stage dialogue if rolled up with the King: "Ooh, that was fun. This katamari, it rolled both of Us up, right off the bat. The King and the Queen, hand in hand, rolled up in a single katamari ♥ It's amazing, you know, inside the katamari. Oh wait... We can't talk about it. Nothing to see here, move along! We had a good time."

She is also seen in the credits, first waving from the castle and then waving from a hot air balloon. Depending on how the stage was completed, she will give one of the three quotes:

"I'm a little disappointed. What do you think you're doing, refusing to roll up these poor people? It's boring to just have the credits!" -The Queen of All Cosmos

"Everyone seemed to enjoy being rolled into a Katamari, but... There must be more Katamari fans around somewhere! Don't just believe what's in front of your eyes!" -The Queen of All Cosmos

"All the fans look so happy ♥️ They're all rolled up in a Katamari, after all. That was another one of my ideas. Isn't it dreamy?" -The Queen of All Cosmos

The Queen in Just Right - Large.

Me & My Katamari

Where/How to Find: Royal Monument - Walking around the water in the Sunflower Continent.

Size: 2990m

Description: As beautiful as always, she takes perfect measures to protect her skin from the sun's rays.

When Rolled Up: "Hey... Finally, something exquisite! The Queen of Our heart, the Universe and everything ♥"

After stage dialogue: "Remember rolling up the Queen this time? Seems giggly, yes? Seems happy? Here’s a Cosmic Secret: Getting rolled up by a katamari is the key to happiness! Yes, nifty... Doesn’t Our Queen look as adorable as ever? Sigh ♥"

Beautiful Katamari

Where/How to Find: Chatéau Notre Desir - She’s seen walking around in the Cosmos.

Size: 1,180,000km

Description: A woman feared by even Us, the King of All Cosmos. She has little trouble coming up with delicious dinner menus these days.

Korogashi Puzzle Katamari Damacy

When you roll up the present item, you can acquire The Queen's power up. When this is used, at most, five rows of blocks will disappear.

Katamari Forever

The Queen in Katamari Forever.

Where/How to Find: Make a Star 11 - As Large As Possible running around like in We ♥ Katamari.

Size: 2km730m

Description: A woman feared by even Us, the King of All Cosmos. She has little trouble coming up with delicious dinner menus these days.

When Rolled Up: "what was that cute object? Oh, it’s the Queen!!"

Touch My Katamari

The Queen, as seen in the intro cutscene for Amazing Katamari Damacy.

Where/How to Find: The Great Journey - Seen Walking around the Mushroom Castle in the Cosmos.

Size: 700m

Amazing Katamari Damacy

She is part of the main plot of the game and gives daily missions for the players to complete. After The King upsets The Queen, The Prince is ordered to roll katamaris to "win back the Queen's heart".

Tap My Katamari

She is briefly seen cheering on the player after completing a timer challenge. She also makes an appearance when the Royal Mushroom is purchased. The Royal Mushroom costs 50 candies. This same animation was available as an iOS Messages sticker.



  • In Katamari Forever, when The Prince (or Dangle) wears the mask, it is the Queen's face.
  • The Queen owns a black cat named Elmira, which was revealed in Beautiful Katamari.
  • Along with owning a cat, The Queen may also own a Shih Tzu. This dog is separate to the one mentioned by The King. Keita Takahashi liked the comment asking about this dog, which may confirm this is her pet.
  • She loves rabbits but hates spiders.
  • The cousin Princess appears to resemble the Queen, so she was speculated to be possibly from the Queen's family. Ironically, this would have made Princess not a royal cousin, despite her name. Princess is stated to be unrelated to the Royal Family, so this is debunked.
  • The Queen is shown to be a lot less dramatic and more straight forward than her husband when she speaks to The Prince and Odeko in the web comic.
  • Jessie Lam, one of the artists for Tap My Katamari, has stated in a Tweet that The Queen pops up along with Roboking and Papa because they support The Prince.
  • Supposedly, the Korean website for Katamari Damacy Reroll stated that The Queen fell in love with Korean dramas.
  • She has been shown eating an apple, curry, bread, and possibly fish or meat. Some of the treats she has baked include: cookies, cake, dalgona, Swiss rolls, and bread. Her favorite food is gratin.
  • The King's Japanese Twitter confirmed in this tweet and this tweet that The Queen watches a Japanese drama 家政婦のミタ, Mita the Housekeeper
  • In Katamari Damacy Online, there is an item of a younger Queen backpack.
  • For the Korean release of Katamari Forever, her description reads "The first Lady of the Cosmos, who succeeded in marriage after dating The King. With her caring and attentive demeanor, she supports The King from behind." (This description may not be fully accurate as Google Translate was used for translation.)
  • Her description on the Japanese Beautiful Katamari website reads "The first lady of a large Cosmo who got married after a passionate love with the king. She supports the king from behind with a graceful and delicate heart."
  • The King states in this tweet that The Queen is too shy to be on Twitter.
  • As the name suggests in the Katamari Forever cutscenes, The Queen has a diary. It is revealed in a piece of Katamari Damacy Online art that she also has an album full of family photos

Alternate names

Official names in different languages
Language Name Transliteration Translation Meaning
Japanese 王妃 Ōhi Queen The wife of a king.
Korean 어마마마 Mamamama Queen The wife of the king.
English The Queen of All


The Queen of All


The Queen of

All Cosmos

The wife of a man who rules over The Cosmos.