Training Course
Game(s)We ♥ Katamari, Me & My Katamari
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We Love KatamariEdit

The Training Course is the first level of We ♥ Katamari. You roll up various shapes until you are big enough to roll up Ace and finish the level. You can also roll up Slip by playing as Ace. This course is actually inside of The King of All Cosmos's crown. A fan called Soccer Kid keeps on forgetting how to play Katamari, so he sends you to the Training Course.


The King holding the Training Course

Me & My KatamariEdit

In the beginning of the game you will see a mouse who has forgotten its memories. Once you meet up with the mouse it will send you to the training course having June as the objective. If you play as June the Prince will be the objective instead. If you zoom out, you see that you are in a bowl that The King is holding.

Beautiful KatamariEdit

The training course is set in the Egg School, where The King of All Cosmos explains what a katamari is and how to play through a set of thumbstick pictures. In a puzzle piece-tiled floor and walled area, you roll around and begin by picking up puzzle pieces and simple geometric shapes. Once you get big enough, you're able to pick up the pink and green pieces, revealing a ring of orange puzzle pieces lining the outside of the first area. There are also angels flying around and holding green puzzle pieces, green puzzle piece structures, and 3D puzzle balls. You can even go as far as picking up the blue puzzle walls. You complete the level once Marcy has been rolled up (who is pushing one of the 3D puzzle balls around like a Katamari). Just as in Me & My Katamari , if you zoom out and remove the pieces surrounding Him, you can see that The King's face is implanted in the side of the structure, which is also being held by Him.