El Shorpo

aka El Shorpo

  • I live in My House
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Video Games
  • I am Video Games

Hello! My name is El Shorpo, but you can just call me Shorpo, I guess. I'm a big fan of anything Keita Takahashi, Katamari being my favorite of his works. If you wanna discuss something, just say the word! Community always brightens up my day!

Favorite Cousins

From 1 as my kinda favorite to 10 being my very favorite!

  1. Havana: Seems nice, but probably a pain to hang out with for... obvious reasons.
  2. Nik: We share a love for food, maybe a bit more extreme on his part.
  3. Sherman: I bet he can't actually melt himself, but hey, I like snowmen!
  4. Jungle: It would be annoying always bumping in to him though.
  5. Nai-Nai: Do you think that there's another Nai-Nai inside that houses another universe?
  6. The Prince: What did you expect?
  7. Kunihiro: Nobody ever talks about him, I wanna change that!
  8. Nutsuo: P E A N U T .
  9. Drooby: I like Drooby because... because... What even is Drooby?
  10. Marny: I don't know why. I just love Marny.
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