El Shorpo

aka El Shorpo

  • I live in My House
  • I was born on July 27
  • My occupation is Video Games

Uh... yo. I'm El Shorpo, I'm the only active admin on the Vib-Ribbon Wiki (as of now), and I'm also a huge Keita Takahashi fan. My favorite games in the series are Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari.

Favorite Cousins

From 1 as my kinda favorite to 10 being my very favorite!

  1. Havana: Seems nice, but probably a pain to hang out with for... obvious reasons.
  2. Nik: We share a love for food, maybe a bit more extreme on his part.
  3. Sherman: I bet he can't actually melt himself, but hey, I like snowmen!
  4. Jungle: It would be annoying always bumping in to him though.
  5. Nai-Nai: Do you think that there's another Nai-Nai inside that houses another universe?
  6. The Prince: What did you expect?
  7. Kunihiro: Nobody ever talks about him, I wanna change that!
  8. Nutsuo: P E A N U T .
  9. Drooby: I like Drooby because... because... What even is Drooby?
  10. Marny: I don't know why. I just love Marny.
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