Yes hello I have really no idea what is supposed to be what, as this is my first time being in a wiki and editing and such. This blog post is kinda..... an open sign so people can interact directly to me if theres a need for it? So, I have an archive blog at katamaruu.tumblr , where you will see the pics I put in the cousins pages. They are all taken by me unless stated otherwise. Other editors are free to take the pictures and the gifs and audios from that blog to add in a page if so desired! I'm also editing the most of the katamari online cousins (most of the stuff i put up are thanks to friends, i just post it) as you might have noticed hgjg Again I'm not an expert in wikis so I don't really know if I'm doing this right or what, I just saw that recently there is more activity so I just wanted to say something!

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