Greetings! Recently, I've been looking for something. It is translations of two cousin descriptions, Mint and Mellow's, that are currently not yet (as far as I know) translated from Korean. This is due to Katamari Damacy Online only releasing in Korea. Surely, somebody has translated them. I could just do it myself but 1: I don't know Korean, and I don't care to learn it (please understand), 2: Google translate and anything else I tried was ineffective, and 3: I don't really want to, because these are the only cousin descriptions from this game,(again, as far as I know, but if you know of any more PLEASE upload them to either the Katamari Damacy Online page, I will leave the links to those pages down below. Thanks!) so surely SOMEBODY has translated them. I would be surprised if this was a big shoulder shrug, so if there are translations, please let me know! Thank you!  Katamari Online Page:

1033580-mintnmellow katamari super

These are the cousins. On the left in Mint, and on the right is Mellow

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