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Well we did it! As of right now, the Katamari Wiki is finally up to code, with the help of our great and wonderful contributors who have help to make this wiki the best in tip top shape! Now I know there's probably some parts I didn't really get to fixing up, like Katamari Damacy Kun, but I really wanted to focus on the more official stuff, not saying that Kun wasn't official, but I wanted to stick to what was available to us.

I really hope that everyone feels good about the Wiki now, because you helped it and you deserve it! The wiki looks 110% percent better than how it look before we all came together and build our own Cosmos here, what was once unknown is now known.

Always to remember to contribute and post your findings about Katamari to the Wiki!

Thank you all! (btw this isn't a blog about quitting, I just wanted to thank everyone for their hard work).

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